Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Hey, long time no see. It took quite a while for me to start writing again in this blog. But hey, I’m back now, so let’s get going.

First of all, summary of my life story so far: I got a scholarship from AusAID last year, I’ve resigned from my lab in Kalbe, I’ve taken the mandatory 6-week English class in IALF Kuningan as part of my scholarship, and BAM! Now I’m Australia, (supposedly) studying for my Master’s degree. I know, those will need at least several posts, but patience my friend. Everything in its due time.

Let's open today's little story with this video. It's a long one, but I think one worth to watch.

The video is quite infuriating. If there's one thing that I learned from the video, it's the fact that the members of our House of Representatives are very good at making excuses. Just look for yourselves, as they maneuvers through the facts that:
  • they have a bad attendance level (ranging from 80% to 0% attendance)
  • their law completion rate are very bad (from 2010 to 2013, they have 40%, 25%, 43%, and 26% law completion rate).
  • the quality of laws that they passed are questionable 
In the video, they would blame the lack of special staff that they have, that attendance list doesn't reflect the actual performance, and that their jobs are "different" compared to normal jobs so normal measurements like attendance list cannot be used. It's funny how they can whine and make excuses when their salaries are as high as 1million IDR per year! Yeah, you basically lost your right to whine when your salary is that high.

It's pretty sad, but you know what's the worse part? That we are not much different from them. We make excuses all the time. I know I did: The traffic was jammed, therefore I'm late. The assignment was too hard, therefore I got bad score. The time wasn't enough, that's why I couldn't finish on time. The classes was boring anyway, might as well just skip it. I got too busy, I don't have time to write anymore.

By making excuses, we are removing ourselves from the burden. And yes, sometimes that's the right thing to do, especially when the problem is actually not you. Bad things do happen all the time, and we have to acknowledge that. But we humans just get so good at making excuses, we use it all the time, even when we're not supposed to.

So, I'm  going to throw this idea to you guys: 

No-Excuse Week 

One whole week, dedicated to having no excuses. 
No more canceling plans because you're lazy, no more being too afraid to do something that you know you wanted to do, no more blaming external factors when you know it's your fault. Just commit to the idea for a week, and check again next week whether you still want to commit to it.

Im doing it myself starting today. Let's see how it goes.
Until then, see ya!

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

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