Saturday, June 1, 2013

Breaking My Habit, Day 25: Jakarta Startup Weekend


Blessed is the man who invented weekends!

I'm sorry I cannot publish this post yesterday. The draft hadn't been finished but I was already too exhausted to think of anything.

By the way, check this event out! 

Ta dah!
A quick summary: it's a crash course in startup making (no talk all action), where you will team up with several people to build your own "company". The event starts at Friday evening and finishes by Sunday evening. During all the time in between (54 hours +), you'll work your ass off for your project.

One of my friend, who had his own startup company and is one of the coach in the event, posted it on facebook several days ago. 
I'm really interested to join in but still gathering the courage to register. You know the feeling, the kind where you're excited to do something, but at the same time you're still hesitated? Yeah, that kind of feeling.

I don't like to come unprepared, so now I'm reading all the information, all the FAQs and the guides they can give about this event. 

I hope I could muster all by courage by the end of this weekend and register myself. In the mean time, check out this video from them, perhaps you'll get excited, too!

To all of you who is bored with your corporate life, I don't see any reason for you not to join :)