Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pre Exam Ramblings #1

I really shouldn't write all these when my exam is about to start in less than 48 24 hours... Oh well...

If you're the sort of person who has troubles finding discussion materials, you're in for a treat! We are currently facing two colossal events that most people can relate to: Indonesia Presidential Election and World Cup 2014. You will never run out of topics to talk about! It will be enough until next long holiday, which is Idul Fitri in July, where relatives and extended families normally gather and discuss all ranges of possible topics, from science, business, to numerology (clearly I'm speaking from experience here).

Anyway, this post will not discuss politics (the number of Kompasiana articles posted in Facebook about this topic is too damn high!) nor football (cannot say I'm a fan myself). Let's proceed with something lighter, yes?

Crimea, anyone?
As I promised in my previous post, this time I'll write about the follow up of my 'No Excuse Week'.

In a nutshell, the project was a big success. It was a great week actually. Some of the things that I managed to pull:

- Finally ride my bike along the bike trail nearby my house. I've been meaning to do it since ages ago but kept postponing it.
- Finish my assignments for the week earlier than due date.
- Bought a yearly planner and actually using it for my schedule.
- Auditioned for a theatrical play (and actually got the supporting role for that)

Funny thing happened at that time. The day after I posted the article, just after I finished my lunch in my campus Union House (a place for food stalls + common rooms for clubs + etc), a gym instructor started gathering people for a session of Zumba. I never had a Zumba session before, and it seemed interesting at that moment. And just like that, once the thought of joining them for the session pops in my mind, I realized I cannot back down from it due to my own restriction. Argh, darn it Universe! Why did you bring the class in this exact moment!? So yes, I joined the class, and it was not the end of the story. We did the routines, in front of the watching crowds, and at the end, the instructor asked for 3 volunteers to join him on the platform... Well you can guess the rest of the story. No excuses were made that day, and with that, no regrets.

"No regrets", he said to himself as he performs some weirdly-
choreographed dance moves in front of the watching audience...
Maybe I need to explain a little bit on why I do all of this. By default, I'm someone who doesn't enjoy being under the spotlight. I fear a lot of things: meeting new people, talking in front of the class, having different opinions with others. To have fears is ok, but dictated by it is not. It hinders your growth, and is something that I don't want to ponder in my deathbed. This realization is what drives me to do these sorts of seemingly trivial things.

I was extremely happy with my result, but it's not easy maintaining a state of no excuse for more than a week. I haven't reached that stage yet, and it's fine. Still have 1.5 years to practice it while I'm still in Australia. Who knows what I'll get at the end of this journey? 

Well then, with all that being said, time to go back to my study.
See you next time, folks!

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