Friday, May 10, 2013

Breaking My Habit, Day 4: Work Motivation

This wretched week is finally over.

I don't know why, but I'm really demotivated at work this week. My productivity level hits its lowest point in over 1.5 years I've been working on this company.

I'm lagging behind deadlines, and as a result, I had to work at the office yesterday (it was a public holiday). My experiment didn't went all that well, and it demotivate me even further.

My mentor at my previous lab always remind me to separate things at work and outside. "You are not your job", he often said to me. It is during these times that I'm really thankful for having him as a mentor. +Wishva Bandara Herath, thanks!

Oh well, hopefully I can get back on my feet next week. I will be fully at home these weekends, so plenty of time to recharge myself.

See you tomorrow!


I almost finished this post with just that, but then I thought, it wouldn't be fair to you readers if you only read my ramblings and got nothing in return. So here, to give more meaning to this post, I'll share this amazing post from Eric Barker at Bakadesuyo about motivation. 

If you aren't that curious (or just lazy), here's my summary of the article in 1 paragraph.

Lack of motivation is not caused by lack of monetary reward. If you want to get motivated at doing something, you need to find a strong emotional connection with the subject. When there's no connection between you and that subject, you'll need to make a better story (even as far as forging it) that can connect the two. Progress, however small they be, in most cases is what motivates us more than anything else.

That would be all. I'll definitely try this advice next week. Until then, see you later, people!