Saturday, May 18, 2013

Breaking My Habit, Day 12: Provocative Proactive Stand Up Night 2!

An interesting political talk show would be the one that is served raw: no censor, no political bullshit, spiced up with name calling or even trash talking. So far, it's quite hard to find such event that can accomodate all that.

Today I went to Soehanna Hall, SCBD, to watch Provocative Proactive Stand Up Night 2: Apa Adanya. The tagline perfectly captures what today show is about:  'Apa Adanya' or 'As it is'. FYI, Provocative Proactive is the title of Pandji Pragiwaksono's first album as well as radio and TV show that talk about politics in Indonesia.

It mimics Indonesian Proclamation Day  

The stand up show central theme revolves around political and religious issues in our country, such as blatant corruption that still happens to this day, celebrity who went on to became political figure, religious fanaticism, or even the upcoming candidate for presidency which come from 'shady' military background (crazy, huh? :p).

The show features 6 comics. In their order of appearance: Andi Wijaya, Kukuh Adi, Insan Nur Akbar, Pangeran Siahaan, Adriano Qalbi, and Sam D. Putra. Pandji Pragiwaksono acts as their MC, bridging after each of the performers (he did more than that, actually).

For those of you who did not watch the show, you're missing a lot. Here's some pointers about today's performances:

  • Andi: He mostly talks about his hometown Bekasi and FPI. His opener really melts the ice in the crowd. Not so heavy material, but seriously funny from the start till the end.
  • Kukuh: He points out our ignorance towards corruption in Indonesia, and that this kind of attitude make corruption thrives til now. A funny but bitter truth.
  • Akbar: Still with his style, Akbar talks about the problem with our president and his policies. 
  • Pangeran: Hard to swallow bits, but thankfully still funny. Talks about analogy of Indonesia as a rainbow cake, psycho analysis of Twilight, Prabowo, and even necrophilia.
  • Adriano: Opens with bits about relationship and moves toward more serious problems. His performance is amazingly good. He use notes in his performance (and openly said about it) but managed to make it flow smoothly.
  • Sammy: A very powerful orator, Sammy delivers like a tiger. From the start till the end, his bits was very heavy with political satire. 'Government Logic' and 'Everything has a price' were his catchphrases for the night. 

In all, the show delivers what delivers what it promised: 'Apa Adanya'. I got a lot of new knowledge as well as spirit boost after this show. Like Adriano said, our political system might be broken, but the people is broken, too. We cannot expect the system to change as long as we could not fix ourselves first.

I'm glad I could watch today's show, and I kinda regret I missed the first one last year. Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors of the show, see you next time Provocative Proactive Stand Up Night!


Before the show started, a short documentary movie about anti corruption was shown. The film talks about Dermawan Bakri, a high school student that led his friends to unmask the corruption in SMUN 3 Solo. You can watch the movie here.