Saturday, May 11, 2013

Breaking My Habit, Day 5: Writing and Writing

Writing everyday is not easy.

It's hard to do during the weekdays (work) and not that easy to do either during weekends (movies, games, sleep all day, food, etc). You have all these ideas to write in your head, but you feel too lazy to put in the effort and convert the ideas into writings. Ugh!

I realize this even more, because today is the fifth day of my consecutive writing and posting to this blog (damn you, 5-days ago me!). I had no previous habit of writing in a diary (except if you count the kind of diary that you had during elementary school, the one which you pass to your friends to write on. "AUDI, A: Audi namanya U: Unik anaknya" lol). Writing is a new discipline for me, something that I still need to force myself to do.

Ah, wait a second. I do have 1-time experience where I got paid for my writings. Hahaha, quite neat, huh? It's not nearly that good when I submit my draft to my editor, that's for sure. It was all thanks to my brilliant editor, mind you.

But still, back to my previous statement, even though I knew writing is not easy, I still think it's an important skill to have. Check this article from Leo Babauta at the Zen Habits about the benefit of writing daily. Pretty nice, huh? 

Anybody wants to join me in this chalenge?