Sunday, May 5, 2013

Grand Final SUCI3

I started writing this as soon as I finished watching the grand final for Stand Up Comedy Indonesia season 3 (SUCI3). Yes, due to certain circumstances, I got myself 2 tickets to the live show at Balai Kartini.

Overall, the show was really nice. I won't tell who's the winner, but there are several highlisghts worth mentioning here:

*Spoiler Alert*
  • Cool performances from the 3rd winners of SUCI 1, 2, and 3: Ernest Prakasa, Kemal Pahlevi, and Ari Kriting. Ge Pamungkas called them the almosts: almost grand finalists and almost got the prize money! The trio proved that they are worthy of their title, and are actually on the same level as the grand finalists.

  • The voice of female comics: Jessica SUCI2, Allison SUCI3, and Chandra SUCI3. It started with an 'eerie' performance from Jessica. It felt really awkward, I really got cold sweat from watching her performance. I still laugh, but it was an awkward laugh, not 'lol' but more like 'ha..ha..ha..why am I the only one laughing?' The biggest bomb of the night.Performing after her was Allison, and her topic was a bit frustrating. She talks about the difference between Indonesian and English girls. I can understand how it should've been funny, but I think her style made us felt like she was just mocking us. It could've been delivered better.Thankfully, Chandra closes the set with her excellent performance. Easy to relate material, finally the hall can be filled with laughter again.

  • Project Pop performances! They performed 'Metal vs Dugem' and 'Gara-gara Kahitna'. For those of you who doesn't know, Kahitna is a big band in Indonesia (they've been around for more than 25 years! Even older than me). This is my first time hearing the song, but I think it's really nice of Project Pop to make a tribute for one of the biggest name in Indonesian love-songs specialist.

  • The chemistry between Pandji Pragiwaksono and Ge Pamungkas, the MCs! during the whole show, Ge made a number of mistakes in his speeches ('Ngomongnya belibet'). Pandji really took advantage of this fact and he consistently mocks Ge until the end of the show. It's really nice seeing the duo.For me, the funniest part is when they both compete in ad-libbing Cincau Cap Panda to get endorsement from the brand. Even Tora Sudiro, one of the judges, participate in their silly competition! Too bad most of their acts were performed during the breaks between shots, so I guess you guys won't see it on TV :)

  • Powerful and stable performances from the winner. Throughout the show he performed flawlessly. Definitely a must-see!

For all of you unfortunate enough to watch the show live, you can watch it on Sunday, 5th of May, 8PM on Kompas TV. It would be a special 3-hour show, the longest standup comedy show in Indonesian telly! Bravo +Kompas TV !