Monday, May 20, 2013

Breaking My Habit, Day 14: Got the Ticket!

I just bought a 2 day-pass to Indonesia Stand Up Festival, the first Indonesian festival for stand up comedy!

Tips for reserving a ticket: Raja Karcis provides payment via Klik BCA, Mandiri KlikPay, and credit card, but they'll charge you an extra IDR 7,500. If you have problems paying extra small cash for nothing (like me), book your tickets through Ibu Dibyo. They don't provide integrated online banking payment but will accept online transfer (either to Mandiri / BCA). 

You can read the poster below or go to StandUpIndo Blog for more info. If any of you would like to go there, too, drop an email or let me know via comment section so we can meet up :) Allrighty then, see you at the show. Viva La Komtung!