Friday, May 31, 2013

Breaking My Habit, Day 24: Airborn

It's almost June, and you know what that means?

The new class of Airborn is about to start!

What's an Airborn you ask?

Well, it's this guy's public speaking class.

This guy. FYI, he's an artist.
I'd love to write all the details about the class, but it's probably better if you just head over here.

Instead, I'll just point out several reasons why you might not want to join this class:

- It'll cost you a lot of money! Paying IDR 1.500.000 to develop a skill that probably can help you career? Pfft.. Who needs help anyway?

- Takes away your precious 4 hours every weekends. Time is everything, especially during short-lived weekends. All those movies and games are not gonna playing themselves, rite? Why waste it for studying?

- You are forced to be opinionated! Wait a minute, nobody likes an opinionated men. It'll make you stand out too much! Better hide and blend in with the crowds.

If I haven't managed to convince you NOT to join the class, I give up. By all means, just go there, hurry! You're beyond redemption.