Friday, May 3, 2013


KompasTV was having a small quiz. 8 people who can come up with a good one-liner about "juara" (champion / winner) will get invited to their #HangoutSUCI3 event. FYI, SUCI3 stands for Stand Up Comedy Indonesia season 3, a Kompas TV show featuring an Idol-esque show for comics in Indonesia. 

Just for fun, I posted these 3 entries:

Audi Tri HarsonoApr 28, 2013
Juara itu kaya Kapten Tsubasa, lagi mau nendang bola di udara aja bisa pake diselingin ngobrol plus iklan +Kompas TV  #HangoutSUCI3  

Audi Tri HarsonoApr 28, 2013
Juara itu kaya Krilin. Hidup mati hidup mati hidup mati udah entah berapa kali. +Kompas TV  #HangoutSUCI3  

Audi Tri HarsonoApr 28, 2013
Juara itu kaya Donal Bebek, sehari-hari ga pake celana tapi kalo mandi handuknya dipake nutupin pinggang ke bawah +Kompas TV #HangoutSUCI3  

I got lucky, my entry was picked by +Kompas TV team (I'm not sure which one, but probably not the one about Krilin). They contacted  me, gave me the details, and long story short, I participated in yesterday's Hangout session.

The Hangout session was so much fun! It's really nice seeing the friendly atmosphere over there. They mostly mocked and heckled each other throughout the session, lol. I even managed to make fun of Lionky Tan, one of the finalist who got eliminated quite early in the competition :D

Speaking with several people through video chat tend to get messy, but our MC managed to control the flow of the show quite nicely (considering she had to "contain" the wackiness of all 17 finalists). My internet was also a bit slow, but thankfully it didn't gave too much of a problem. 

If you see the video closely, there was a point where my face is facing outside the webcam, talking to someone else. That was my boss, calling me from across the room! 
Imagine what would've happened if he were to show up suddenly behind my back! Phew, lucky me.

I really appreciate Kompas TV's initiative to use this kind of technology to promote their show. As far as I know, this is the first time a TV show in Indonesia use Google Hangout for such promotional event. I hope other show could copy this kind of move, as it gives more ways for us viewers to interact with the show.

Ah, almost forgot. Turns out each participant in the Hangout session would get 2 tickets to watch grand final of SUCI3! There's also a chance to win a handphone for 1 person with the funniest one-liner. Yaay! Check out my next post for the update :)