Saturday, June 8, 2013

Breaking My Habit, Day 32: LIFE

Welcome to the greatest Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ever created! Welcome to LIFE!


Over 7 billions of active players are currently playing the game. Our only server, EarthRealm, had been around for about 4.54 billion years. It will continue to remain so until the next cataclysmic event, the Red Sun, be implemented.

Not in a billion years, at least

Several notable features of this game:

  • Non limited Player versus Player (PvP) area. You can brawl everywhere, from the dark corners of the bar to the hallowed halls of parliament building!
  • Compete with other players on all kinds of competitions. Fishing, singing, running, or even this!
  • Believe system! Choose from dozens of available religions
  • Random player distribution! From the sizzling Sahara to the chilling North Pole, you'll never know where you'd start!
  • Non-linear storyline! Each of your action will contribute to the endings you can unlock at the end of the game. 
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We puke rainbows!

The list is going to be expanded as I see fit. Drop your suggestions on the comment section below :)