Saturday, June 29, 2013

Breaking My Habit, Day+1: Continue?

Hey, it's been 2 weeks since I finished my little project. Today I feel like sharing, so, here we go!

Wonder what I've been doing these past two weeks?

Eating lots of snacks and playing lots of games!

"Can I get one more of that chicken wing? One more bucket I mean."

Well, I guess it comes as a no brainer for you guys, but I for one thought that maybe I would be able restrain myself more and probably hold back a bit on the light bites.

But no. I held nothing back, I eat and eat and eat.
The fact that there are lots of snacks at the office did not help at all.

Also, my life got a little boring. Before, I always try to find ideas on what to write for this blog. It drives me crazy sometimes, but to be honest, I enjoy the whole process: from finding the idea to write it down. It's like when you got tired from going to the gym, but you actually 'enjoy' that feeling of pain. Now, nothing drives me to do all that. These ideas came from time to time, but because nothing 'forces' me to put on the hard work and actually starts writing it, nothing will ever be done.

So, this experience serves as a reminder for me. I learn three things at least:

1. Old habits die hard, and just because I can restrain myself for 40 days, doesn't mean the habits will be gone after that.

2. Freedom is not always a good thing. You will need maturity to go with it. In my case, I need some boundaries so I can move to the right direction. I began to think this is the reason why religions sometimes gave a lot of rules, because frankly, human are a mess to begin with. 

3. Ideas are not everything. A hefty amount of work is still needed for the ideas to flourish. 

So, having learnt this, I decided to continue on this little project. Now, my target is 50-days of writing daily, not having snacks in between meals, and no games (all kinds of games) during the weekdays. The last thing I need right now is feeling exhausted at the office due to lack of sleep.

We'll see how far I could go this time. Enjoy the weekends and see you tomorrow!

P.S: this event will commence next week! Go register NOW!