Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Breaking My Habit, Day 36: Paralysis by Analysis

I spent a lot of time thinking what to write for today's post. A bit too much, in fact. I've already made 3 different drafts, while this is the fourth. One was too serious, another too random, and the other one was too 'meh'.

It reminds me of something called "paralysis by analysis". I first heard this phrase when I was contemplating between taking a job or finding scholarship after my internship period finished (ironically, at the time I didn't get both). I forgot the exact quote, but one my colleague told me "not to over think and get paralysis by analysis."

So what is it exactly?

Analysis of paralysis is a condition where you have too many options and thus unable to make a choice. It sometimes manifests when you and your friends are hanging out at the mall, and suddenly one of you ask,"Where shall we eat?"

As stupid as it might sound, it does happen from time to time. Even more often for me, because I'm already too accustomed to following other people's decision. Getting into the habit of making my own decision and get on with it still needs some time.

So far, the only solution I can find for this problem is by being bold and just choose one of the options. It couldn't be that bad, and you can still revise the decision later on. Well, at least it works for small problems. For bigger problems, hmm, wait.. let me think about it first..